IMG_0070Well this is definitely a surprise. After Going to the Dogs Part 2, I thought we might be finished fostering for a couple of months. I was looking forward to just the 3 of us; myself, my wife, and our own dog Jack (see Going to the Dogs Part 1), spending some quality time together. ‘The best laid plans’ as they say. Almost a month ago now, while I was busy in a meeting, my wife sent me a text saying that she was on her way to a shelter to pick up a sweet English Foxhound mix. There was more, she was fixing to give birth any day now, and therein lies the rub. The shelter was so crowded and full of disease that either the dog would be euthanized before she gave birth or, if the puppies were delivered, the odds of them surviving were very slim. Stella, her name, was placed in the back of my wife’s car with the hope that she arrived home before the whelping got underway. The weather was bad and, from my meeting, I had horrible visions of my wife being in a terrible automobile crash and the rescued dog giving birth in the back seat. Fortunately every one made it home safely with no accidents and no deliveries. Instead to the 3-4 puppies we anticipated, a digital x-ray showed 9 little spines. Instead of one foster, we would soon have 10. My wife paced, I fretted, the weekend came and went, and almost a week later, beginning oddly enough at the vet’s office, Stella started delivering. The first four appeared before my wife and a friend who had met her there got home. The next four (there were only eight) came into this world over the next 5 hours. Our friend who was there for the entire process, a retired doctor who actually did an OB-GYN residence, was invaluable. We can truthfully say that our foster dog had an OB-GYN to deliver her puppies. It has been almost three weeks now; the puppies have opened their eyes although I don’t believe they can hear yet. We are learning to feed the puppies with little bottles of formula – the poor girl needs a break after all, and the puppies are starting to find their legs. So that is where we are now, a temporary family of 12. Stay tuned for Going to the Dogs Part 4, and maybe some other posts in between.IMG_0071

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