PEOPO026As I recently found myself between situations, in other words, unemployed, I decided to post a blog on unemployment in small towns which has somehow morphed into unemployment over 50. I am over 50, how much over 50 shall be known only to my hairdresser, so I do fit in this category. I am actually lucky, I have a part-time job teaching college and have even been able to do some consulting in my industry. Let’s say, I am not even sure that I will qualify for unemployment. However, that doesn’t mean that everything is a bed of roses or that I am not actively or frantically (your choice) looking for a full-time position. I was intrigued when I came across this article on the 10 Great Cities for Over-50 Job Seekers. As I said, I qualify. Although the article is a couple of years old, it has some interesting information, particularly if you live in or near any of the towns mentioned. I don’t.

If you are looking for information tailored more the subject of these blogs, small towns and communities, Movoto  Real Estate Blog published its list of the Best Small Towns in America. In keeping with the somewhat depressing subject of today’s post, the criteria for choosing the top ten included employment along with amenities, crime, quality of life, and weather. Check it out and see if you are living in one of recognized towns. 

Take care and, as always, check out my book on Amazon; Hollis County Mysteries, Murder in Bella Ridge about what I hope is another interesting small town.

Thanks for reading.

Bill Davis

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