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Are you looking to celebrate the coming of the New Year without having to fight the crowds at Times Square in New York or jetting off to Las Vegas to party on the strip. Maybe you are just looking for something different. Check out this  list of oddball ways to ring in the New Year from this Channel 8 Fox News Report, Highpoint, North Carolina. Start with the bologna drop in Lebanon, Pennsylvania; this year’s model weighs about 200 pounds so don’t get too close. You are also supporting a good cause as the bologna will be donated to local shelters after the festivities. If that is not your cup of sausage – sorry, I couldn’t resist – you have the Midnight Muskrat Dive in Princess Anne, Maryland; the pinecone drop in Flagstaff, Arizona; and my personal favorite, the donut drop in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Looking for something different? How about Oceanwave’s Country Square Dancing Night in Rockport, Texas or Naples Philharmonic’s “A Viennese New Year’s Eve” in Naples, Florida. Check out the article by Matthew Moretti at FlipKey. If you know of somewhere else special for New Year’s Eve, let us know. There is always next year.

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