How to Take a Good Mug Shot

  1. banditSmile, you look less threatening that way.
  2. Corollary 1: Don’t smile. You are being arrested, not taking a selfie.
  3. Corollary 2: Don’t smile if more than one of your front teeth is missing.
  4. Don’t wear T-Shirts. Only guilty people wear T-Shirts.
  5. Don’t look hopeless. Remember, innocent until proven guilty.
  6. Don’t look angry. The jury might see it and throw the book at you.
  7. Think positively. You are getting a free portrait that will be seen by everybody you know. Think of the money you can save on Christmas Cards.
  8. Take time to sober up and clean up before getting arrested. Cleanliness is next to….., well I am sure you know the old saying.
  9. Hey, at least your mother can’t say she doesn’t hear from you anymore.
  10. Save everybody a lot of trouble and bring 8 X 10 photos with you to the booking.

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